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Linkarme already has more than 10 thousand published articles with organic backlinks. Hundreds of clients have improved their authority and gained more relevance in search results.

Open your account and have an expert do the searches and trades you need – or that you don’t even know you might need!

Our team has professionals with more than 15 years of experience in sales and digital marketing; we act as consultants in each campaign presented, assembling customized packages according to needs and strategies, and everything is 100% customizable by the client.

Don’t waste time searching and dealing with websites, we’ll take care of it for you.




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All domains in our database are manually categorized and kept up-to-date by our outreach experts.

If you want to do a private search, you can easily find domains with similar metrics with our built-in tools.



Our portfolio has more than 8,000 published articles from competitive niches such as gaming and betting, as well as cryptocurrencies.

There are 4,000 media venues registered in our network, that allow us to reach more than 90% of Brazilian portals in the segment.


We give 6 months warranty for your livelinks. If any post goes offline and for whatever reason it is not possible to return, we will credit the full amount of your order.

Contact us right now, and follow the profitable and safe path of organic traffic to increase sales and domain authority.

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What are the benefits of using Linkarme?

We dedicate many hours of work to build and maintain our database with the best portals on the market. However, Linkarme does not only offer a list of websites where it is possible to have a backlink, but we also show the current metrics of each website, requirements, price and other relevant information so that, based on your needs, you can find the best option to publish.

In addition, we also have a team ready to produce texts for the most varied segments. Therefore, you can publish your guest-post organically on the portal that is most interesting for your strategy.

Don’t waste your energy dealing with hundreds of websites. We have a team of experts who will do this for you. Just choose the website you want to have a backlink on and we’ll take care of the rest.

Save time and dedicate your attention to what really matters to your business.

Is it possible to know if the website allows dofollow links, labels the articles as sponsored or uses SSL?

Yes. Each website works in a different way, but Linkarme provides all the information for you to make your decision.

Does Linkarme offer any discount for bulk guest-post orders?

Yes. Send an email to [email protected] with your needs.

Does Linkarme sell links or banners to be displayed on the homepage?

Yes, but the display depends on the website. Consult us about your needs.

Why do some websites have the domain blurred?

Our platform has three levels. Each of them allows you to view different amounts of websites. A purchase over 3000USD on our products will reveal half of the domains, and a purchase over 6000USD will give you access to the full list.

Contact us at [email protected] and have more portals at your disposal.

Does Linkarme work with websites that accept gambling and betting articles?

Yes, we work with websites that accept different types of content. To find out if the portal you are interested in receives articles on gambling, sports betting, lottery and investments, activate the “Specific” filter.

Are the links permanent?

We request that all articles remain permanently on the portals and most of the time they do. In any case, this cannot be controlled by Linkarme, as it is an exclusive decision of the websites. However, all publications made through us have a six-month warranty.

Does Linkarme sell PBN links?

We have thousands of websites in our database, but we are not responsible for their functioning. However, we filter the websites for their quality and we have in our base the main portals of each country where we operate.

Can my order be rejected and why?

Linkarme may reject some requests for technical reasons or for last minute changes made by the requested domain manager.

Do I receive a refund if my order is rejected?

In case of rejection, you will receive credits totaling the exact amount of your original order. You can use this credit to post on any other website in our database. If no alternative can be agreed, your original order will be refunded to the same account from which payment was made.

Does Linkarme follow the status of published orders?

Linkarme is only responsible for publishing content on selected domains. We do not track the status of posts and we are not notified if an article has been removed by the domain owner. However, every publication mediated by Linkarme has a six-month warranty.

What is the standard size of articles produced by Linkarme?

The articles produced by Linkarme are around 500-550 words, unless the customer requests a specific size. Additional fees will apply in this case.

Can I check the content before publication?

Yes, all content produced by Linkarme is based on the client’s needs and is only sent to the websites after being approved. However, after approval, the content may still undergo an eventual change by the website manager so that it complies with the portal’s rules. These changes, though, are rarely related to the content, but rather to other attributes (number of intertitles, size of paragraphs, etc.)

How does Linkarme produce the texts?

The content is produced according to the website on which it will be published. Our team chooses subjects that naturally fit into the portal, so they don’t look like paid content.

Articles will contain the requested anchor text(s) and destination URL(s), and can have up to two outbound links to trusted sources. These links may point to only one website/project specified by you.

Are content changes free?

When requesting content from Linkarme, you are entitled to two changes to each part of the article. However, certain important specifications, including article size, number of links, and topic (if agreed in advance) cannot be modified after your approval. If you wish to change one or more of the key specifications described above, an additional fee will apply.

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BR +55 (47) 9.8910.4747